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Man of La Mancha

Theatre Xavier

     For this play I served as the lighting designer and master electrican. I lacked an assistant lighting designer, so all documentation was produced by myself. I cued the production as the lighting designer on an ETC Ion. I also designed and engineered the nine practicals used in the production.

     The director's vision allowed for a lighting concept with two distinct approaches. First, I needed to establish a dark and dire look of the prison which the production takes place in, and then transform that place abstractly as we dived into Don Quixote's imagination, using bold high saturation colors and selective focus.

     The lighting rig consisted of 2 moving head fixutres, 6 LED fixtures, and 93 conventional fixtures. The show consisted of 157 cues. 

     Below is the lighting plot (PDF), instrument schedule (PDF), channel hookup (PDF), and magic sheets (PDF).

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