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My Fair Lady

Theatre Xavier

     For this play I served as the lighting designer and master electrican. I lacked an assistant lighting designer, so all documentation was produced by myself. I cued the production as the lighting designer on an ETC Ion. I also designed the four practicals used in the production.

     The unit set for this production relied heavily on lighting. It was backed with a muslin to allow LED lights to turn the back wall of the set any color I so desired. The unit set had very few peices that came on and off so it was up to lighting to help establish setting for most scenes. The lighting friendly set allowed me to use the back wall as a cyclorama in many ways it would be used in a typical musical.

     With the back wall serving as a cyclorama, I was able to enhance the mood of most scenes with color. Certain more spectacular numbers such as "Just You Wait" used more abstract lighting, use of textures and incorporated more movement into those numbers, as well as use low lying fog.

     The lighting rig consisted of 4 moving head fixutres, 14 LED fixtures, and 121 conventional fixtures. The show consisted of 127 cues. The production also used 2 custom built dry ice foggers. In addition, a custom built stardrop was used for this production located behind the white muslin.

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