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Lord of the Flies

Theatre Xavier

     For this play I served as the lighting designer and master electrican. I lacked an assistant lighting designer, so all documentation was produced by myself. I cued the production as the lighting designer on an ETC Ion. I also designed the three practicals used in the production.

     The director's vision allowed for a unique lighting concept for this production. In the first act of the show, the director wanted the Island the boys lasted on to be as elegant as possible, and keep it realistic. By the end of the prodution when the children were turning on one another, the director wanted the lighting to be more abstract, menacing, and chaotic to match the story.

     The lighting rig consisted of 4 moving head fixutres, 6 LED fixtures, and 126 conventional fixtures. The show consisted of 108 cues. The production also used 2 F100 foggers and 1 custom built dry ice fogger.

     Below the show photos are the lighting plot (PDF) and supporting paperwork (PDF).

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