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Illuminations 2018

St. Xavier High School

     Illuminations is a unique lights show put on by the lighting crew at St. Xavier High School. I served as the system designer and master electrician for this production. In the production, 5 groups of students each produced their own pieces, each having roughly 5 hours in the space to cue their number.

     The rig of 57 intelligent fixtures and 16 conventional fixtures was designed and drafted by myself. Inventory was provided by a production services company in town pro bono, which required me to carefully select fixtures they had available for us to use that maximized the potential for this event. System design was also done by myself, which involved networking through the dimming systems in a way that had not previously been done in the space, as well as setting up Net3 gateways. Being the most familiar with the ETC Eos software, I served a supportive role for the student designers and programmers. One of the student's pieces, as well as photos from the event are displayed to show the scale and scope of this event.

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