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Illuminations 2017

Theatre Xavier

     Illuminations is a unique lights show put on by the lighting crew at St. Xavier High School. I served as the master electrician, lighting designer, and a lighting programmer for this production. In the production, 4 groups of students each produced their own pieces, each having roughly 5 hours in the space to cue their number.

     The rig of 54 intelligent fixtures and 16 conventional fixtures was designed by myself. System design was also done by myself. I purely programmed 2 of the 5 pieces included in the video to the right (second and forth number) for groups that did not have the training necessary to program the ETC Ion at a fast rate, and I was one of two designers/programmers working on the final number, which consisted of 572 cues in the three minute piece.

Video Time Stamps:

3:20-served as lighting programmer

14:21-served as lighting programmer

21:00-served as lighting designer and lighting programmer

PDF versions of the Lighting Plot and supporting paperwork (generated with Lightwright) are provided below.

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