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Student Choreographer Showcase

UC-CCM 2019

     For this production, I served as the Associate Lighting Designer, designing 2 of the 6 dance pieces. Ea h of my two dance pieces were modern pieces, heavy with hard hitting movement and intensity as well as slower gentle ballads.

     The show was run off an ETC Element. Locked to just one cue list, mastery of effect management became incredibly important, often leading to massive effects with upwards of 60-80 steps. The rig included 2 moving head spot fixtures and 8 CXI IT CMY Mixing color scrollers overhead, 14 LED Fixtures as side light, an LED ground row, and 194 Conventional Fixtures. The production also incorporated a star drop, and star fields built into it's 3 portals. The 90 minute show had just over 400 lighting cues, a number that was drastically reduced with effect management.

     Feel Free to view the lighting plot (PDF) and supporting documentation (PDF) located below.

Lighting Plot
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