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Christmas Dance 2017

The Performing Arts Academy

     For this dance production, I served as both the Master Electrician and Lighting Designer. Lighting for this venue is rather a fun challenge as they have a very limited number of fixtures and all conventional fixtures are powered by portable dimmer packs. This production also had a quicker turnaround, with the show prior to it closing just 6 days before this dance recital opened. This rig consisted of 25 conventional fixtures and 6 LED fixtures. The production was run off of ETC Eos Nomad on a computer.

     Dispite the limitations in inventory, my job is to enhance the production as much as I possibly can. For some numbers, with younger dancers (ages for this recital ranged from 3 years old to adults), lighting was rather static and match the feel of the music. Other, more modern dance numbers, like the ones to the right, allowed me to play a more active role and enhance the dancers, music, and contribute to the energy of the dance number with lighting.

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