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Annie Jr.

The Performing Arts Academy

     For this play I served as the lighting designer and master electrican. I lacked an assistant lighting designer, so all documentation was produced by myself. I cued the production as the lighting designer on an ETC Nomad. I also designed and engineered the two practicals used in the production.

     Working in this smaller converted space with a limited number of fixtures makes designing more challenging. The space uses portable dimmer packs as their means for controlling conventional fixtures.

     The musical was fairly straight forward and the lighting design was used to aid the overall atmosphere of the production, as well as best it could with limited inventory, add movement in lighting for big "show business" musical numbers with lots of energy in the music.

     The lighting rig consisted of 6 LED fixtures, and 30 conventional fixtures. The show consisted of 95 cues. The production also used a DMX controlled snow machine.

     Below the show photos are the lighting plot (PDF) and supporting paperwork (PDF).

Lighting Plot
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