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American Idiot

Sunset Players

     For this play I served as the lighting designer and master electrican. I all documentation was produced by myself. I cued the production as the lighting designer on a GrandMA onPC Command Wing running GrandMA2 software. I also designed and engineered the five LED tape light boxes used in the production used in the production.

     The director's vision called for a rock and roll feel similar to going and seeing Green Day perform live. The show needed to be filled with movement in lighting, flashy moments, and stunning looks. With the use of projections on the back wall of the set, another aspect was added to the look of the show that I had to account for in my lighting design. The unit set had walls covered in propaganda posters, and with the whites of these papers I was able to use the walls as a cyclorama, as well as play with color theory by making images from the posters pop out or disappear depending on the lighting on the walls.

     The lighting rig consisted of 4 static CMY fixutres, 6 LED fixtures, and 37 conventional fixtures. The show consisted of 360 cues over the 90 minute production. 

     I was awarded a 2016 Orchid Award by The Association of Community Theatre of Greater Cincinnati for Excellence in Lighting Design for my work on this production.

     Provided below are the lighting plot (PDF), channel hookup (PDF), magic sheets (PDF), and daily show running procedures (PDF).

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